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Your opinion on EPIPED COURSE : - 05/29/2017 | Loic VILLA SALVIGNOL

"I found the course excellent, and even more satisfying than I could imagine. The interaction was fantastic, level of discussion just right, tutors extraordinary, location beautiful and all in all I will definitely come back!!!" - Masa Malenica (Croatia)

Your opinion on EPIPED COURSE : - 05/29/2017 | EPIPED

"Organisation was really good, questions were answered very quickly. Selected topics were very interesting and broad. Discussing cases with tutors was very helpful." - Anja Leiber (Switzerland)

PROGRAM - 2019 - 04/13/2017 | EPIPED

CYCLE 1, 2019 TRAINING PROGRAM 2019 Faculty : Javier APARICIO (Spain), Thais ARMANGUE SALVADOR (Spain), Alexis ARZIMANOGLOU (France), Stéphane AUVIN (France), Ingmar BLUMCKE (Germany), Kees BRAUN (The Netherlands), Jaume CAMPISTOL (Spain) Helen CROSS (UK), Georg DORFMULLER (France), Carmen...

PROGRAM - 2018 - 04/13/2017 | EPIPED

CYCLE 1, 2018 TRAINING PROGRAM 2018 Faculty : Javier APARICIO (Spain), Stéphane AUVIN (France), Alexis ARZIMANOGLOU (France), Fabrice BARTOLOMEI (France), Ingmar BLUMCKE (Germany), Jaume CAMPISTOL (Spain), Natàlia Egea CASTILLO (Spain), Helen CROSS (UK), Giuseppe GOBBI (Italy), Hans...

PROGRAM - 2017 - 04/13/2017 | EPIPED

2017 Faculty: Javier Aparicio (Spain), Alexis Arzimanoglou (France), Jaume Campistol (Spain), Mar Carreno (Spain), Hans Holthausen (Germany), Philippe Kahane (France), Lieven Lagae  (Belgium), Gaetan Lesca (France), Rima Nabbout (France), Emilio Perucca (Italy), Alia Ramirez (Spain), Rodrigo...


Hotel Gran Ultonia Gran Via de Jaume I, 22 17001 Girona España 7 minutes walking from the train station By taxi : 8 euros  

FACULTY - 08/26/2016 | EPIPED


- 08/21/2016 | EPIPED

NEXT EPIPED COURSE : Date : APRIL 26-29, 2023 Location : Girona (Spain) The 3-year program cycle : CLICK HERE If you are interested in attending the course, please contact the secretariat at :  and send us a short CV.  


EPIPED COURSE on Treatment Strategies in Paediatric Epilepsies is an educational activity of the European Reference Network EpiCARE in partnership with the Paediatric Epilepsy Department of the University Hospitals of Lyon, France (HCL) and the Sant Joan de Déu, Barcelona, Spain, Research Foundation (FSJD)

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